PHP Internals, Let's Chat About the Future!

Consider this a call to the PHP Internals team. We've been doing a series of panel discussions over at Engine Yard about PHP-related frameworks and where they are going in the future, but one important piece that's missing is the discussion about the future of the PHP core.

A few weeks ago, I approached Rasmus about this and we both came to the agreement that it would be very difficult to nail down core devs to a handful of people. The PHP core team is large and far-reaching. How do you decide who to ask to participate? The only solution is to open it up and include whoever wants to be included.

I didn't want to spam the internals list with this, so I'll just put it out here on my blog, and hopefully the word will spread. If you're a core PHP contributor and you want to voice your opinion in a friendly panel discussion about where you'd like to see PHP in 5 years, then I'd love to chat with you and include you in the discussion.

You can find me at enaramore at engine yard dot com, or my personal email at elizabeth at naramore dot net. Hope to hear from you!

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