Hello Habari!

After several years of Wordpress working well enough to meet my simple needs, I decided that instead of trying to upgrade from my embarrassingly old version (let's just say it was pre-themed), it might be time to start over. I'm giving Habari a shot for a few reasons. a) I really like the clean code and interface, b) It's nice to see an alternative to Wordpress, and c) I completely trust the dev team, a few of which I have the pleasure of knowing through #phpc.

So even though it's in its infancy, I figured I'd make a clean break from Wordpress once and for all and switch to Habari anyway. Well, I guess I shouldn't say a "clean break" - I've preserved my old posts at http://naramore.net/archives. So Wordpress shall linger on, but from this point on, I move forward with Habari.

Habari has been easy to install, easy to configure, and easy to manage. Obviously it doesn't have all the features of the more mature Wordpress, but it has what I need. Basic flawless functionality. And the list of plugins is continually growing.

If you're tired of Wordpress and want to check out an alternative, I'd suggest you give Habari a look.